Sem Pringpuangkeo Foundation

Pyscho-Social Support

Children with education ranging from primary to university level under the support program of Sem Foundation have been provided not only scholarships but the psycho-social support through the visits of SPF staff at least 4 times a year.  As the problems of orphans made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS continue to swell, most responses generally remain of a physical and material nature with the focus on food, clothing, education and health services, such responses are largely influenced by donor demands for tangible statistical results.  Sem Foundation however realizes that beyond physical material support, vulnerable orphans also require psycho-social support which will assist them to get through mental struggles in life. This form of support can yield significant sustainable results for orphans who are subjected to chronic trauma resulting from witnessing the illness and death of their parents and sometimes their siblings.


The effects on children such as the low development of healthy emotional intelligence, inadequate life skills and lack of self-esteem are caused by the parental death which is critical and needed to betaken into account. The foundation thus believes that omitting psycho-social support in the response to their needs is a serious obstacle to comprehensive responses needed to promote total child development and well being.  SPF staff visited each orphan four times a year both at school and home to observe the children’s lives and provide guidance when needed.

Though many programs are being implemented to address the physical needs of orphans and little attention is being given to the psychosocial needs, the foundation considers this as one of the most important programs to help develop quality of life to the orphans



Pyscho-Social Support

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