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Environmental Program


The indigenous hill people living along the remote mountainous area in the north of Thailand have various problems with high birth rates, poor living conditions, lack of educational opportunities, illegal immigrants status, disputes over natural resources, and inappropriate use of toxic chemical substances in agricultural activities that affect immensely the agricultural occupation of the low land people.

The Foundation, in conjunction with the Toyota Thailand Foundation and the Royal Thai Government, has over the last couple of years launched a number of projects, with the aim of not only promoting family planning acceptance in order to reduce the hilltribes birth rates, but also encouraging them to use biological agriculture to support and facilitate sustainable environmental management and solve problems linked to natural resources destruction.

Furthermore, our Environment Program also includes environmental improvement program in the river basin, by training students in the lowland areas to preserve their rivers, their villages, and their farming areas, as well as civil forestry etc, with the hope that the next generation will also inherit this significant achievement.

Program Objectives:

 1. To promote family planning acceptance in order to reduce hilltribes birth rate and to develop  population quality by providing skills, knowledge and experiences on family planning to  village health volunteers

2. To encourage hilltribes to use biological agriculture for supporting and facilitating sustainable environmental management, as well as solving problems related to natural resources destruction

3. To establish a house-temple-school network and develop a mutual cooperation on environmental preservation



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